Do you have a product idea that you want to bring to market? Are you having trouble getting your item produced to your specifications and at the quality you deserve?

Here at Get Stuff Manufactured, we’ve developed relationships with reliable suppliers in Taiwan, China and Mexico. Got questions? Email angelo@ams-enterprises.com and we’ll?talk about your needs.

About AMS

AMS Audio Enterprises, Inc.?is a manufacturer of custom crossover networks and other products for the audio industry. Over the years they?ve supplied products to other audio manufacturers large and small, both domestic and international. Now, in addition to being an audio parts manufacturer, AMS has become a manufacturing resource for companies looking for assistance with production offshore. They?re also sourcing all sorts of different goods from offshore and are able to produce products from your design or a sample.

After 38 years, AMS knows what they’re doing. They have the capability of sourcing nearly any product you can imagine.

If you have a new product idea and would like to examine having it manufactured offshore or in Mexico, please contact AMS. They’ll look into all avenues to make this happen for you. There is no charge for developing the proposal for you. Their feedback is thorough and timely. You?ll never be left in the dark wondering what the status is of your project


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